65% de los Americanos tienen problemas de Sobrepeso y Obesidad

Recientemente encontré este post en el blog de una compañera coach, Tara Davis. Quise compartirlo porque los números son alarmantes.

Mi gente, estos números de Estados Unidos se pueden fácil atribuir a Puerto Rico también. Hay que acabar con ese problema. Es cuestión de tener disciplina. Y entiendo que tenemos la solución.

¿A quién conoces que crees que yo pueda ayudar?

A continuación el artículo:

Health-and-wellness-industry-trendFACT: 65% of Americans are overweight or obese.
FACT: Out of 314 million people in our country 204 million are obese.
FACT: 3 trillion dollars are spent a year on sickness care or what he likes to call obesity care.
FACT: More money is spent each year on Type II Diabetes than we spend on public education.
FACT: 95% of prescriptions that are written are done with the intent that they are to be taken for life. The good news is times are changing. There is hope but you have to be part of the solution. YOU have to be willing to be healthy.
Baby boomers (age 48-65) want youth and do not want to accept aging.
The Health and wellness industry, which I am thankful to be a part of is starting to exceed the sickness industry. The wellness industry has no limit to growth!!
Why? because we are always aging. The wellness industry is growing 4 times faster than the sickness industry. THANKFULLY, this is GREAT news.Whether you want to change your life or help other’s change their life, there is no time better than the present. The solutions are simple, eat whole foods, stop buying junk in boxes, bags and cans. Work on your sugar and simple carb addictions. Yes, they are addictions, the food industry makes certain you become addicted to processed foods. The medical or sickness industry does not want you to get better, they want you on more drugs, so you keep coming back. It’s a Business! If you get better, they don’t make money.I am here to help you on a very simple scale. Either personally with your own health or teaching you how to help other’s get healthy and earn a little or a lot of money. You can be a part of the wellness industry you can make a difference. ASK ME if you want to hear about what I do to help others in my life get healthy!

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